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You're Broken, Too

Take a moment and think of some of your favorite stories of Jesus in the Bible….

I bet most of the ones that came to your mind involve Jesus displaying his love and care for humanity, whether it’s working a miracle, healing, teaching, etc. We read these stories and think “Wow, that guy really didn’t buy enough wine for his wedding guests? What a dummy!” or “That woman really fought through a crowd just to touch Jesus’ robe? She must have been really desperate.” It’s easy for us to read our Bible or hear these stories, take them at face value, and focus on just how great and awesome Jesus is. And let’s be clear, He is great and He is awesome. But, if we narrow down the obvious and say that none of us are Jesus, then who are we left to be? We’re just people.

We make critical mistakes at crucial times. We are desperate for help but don’t want to seem needy or incompetent, so we don’t ask. We cover up our deficiencies with facades and masks to appear clean and well put together, when underneath we all have wounds, scars, and ugliness. Brokenness is not viewed as a strength in our society. But in God’s Kingdom, it is an essential starting point. The Pharisees, the Disciples, the rich young ruler, the man at the pool, the woman caught in adultery, and the crowd who wanted to stone her, are all broken people. And You’re broken too.

Miracles only happen when we’re at the bottom. Otherwise, they would just be another “moment”, not a miracle.

Healing happens when we’re not well. Otherwise, why would we need it? Healing offers newness.

Teaching happens when we admit that someone knows something more than us, and we willingly humble ourselves and receive new knowledge or ideas.

Grace can only be offered when we make a mistake. We can only receive grace when we get over our ego, our pride, our “self” and admit our wrongs, our sins, our iniquity.

We all come to the table as broken people, not whole people. The good news is, we’re invited to come that way. The sooner we admit that we are broken, the sooner we can begin to receive what God wants to offer each one of us and be made well in body, mind, heart, and soul - to be whole people as God created us to be.

This week, I challenge you to look inward toward the places you might be broken. You may not see them right away, but if you search deep enough, you will find them. Admit them to yourself, and accept yourself for who you really are. Do this with a friend or loved one if you’re feeling bold. Seek Jesus and ask him into that space, just like the woman in the crowd. See how He works in your life to make that part of you whole again or whole for the first time.

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