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One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night. At daybreak he called together all of his disciples and chose twelve of them to be apostles. Here are their names: Simon (whom he named Peter), Andrew (Peter’s brother), James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James (son of Alphaeus), Simon (who was called the zealot), Judas (son of James), Judas Iscariot (who later betrayed him). When they came down from the mountain, the disciples stood with Jesus on a large, level area, surrounded by many of his followers and by the crowds. There were people from all over Judea and from Jerusalem and from as far north as the seacoasts of Tyre and Sidon.

HOLY: To Be Set Apart For God’s Purposes

When we talk about Holy Week, we are talking about the week leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. We’re talking about the events that happen that lead him to, and through, the cross on our behalf. We’re talking about the end of Lent and the advent of Easter. We’re talking, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!” But this week is one that is HOLY. And holy means “set apart for God’s purposes.” It means a separate identification of our whole selves as belonging to God. It means we don’t live, move, breathe, and have our being by anyone’s standards other than those of God as we learn through Christ and are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Holiness is radical. Holiness should alter our tra

What Do We Do With The New

As I walk through Media this morning, it is so clear that new life is abundant. Spring, it seems, has finally sprung! The sun is bright and warm. Trees are flowering. Birds are singing. Creation rejoices together in celebrating a new season marked with rebirth. As we enter into spring, it can be quite easy to witness the newness around us, and also very easy to believe the lie that while life changes around us, we are still the same old (insert your name here). Science has proven that our bodies are constantly being made new throughout our lifetime. Our red blood cells completely regenerate in four months. Our outer layer of skin takes a mere two weeks. Some parts of our body can take quite


Spring is upon us, all around us and available through us. Just as the natural world around us has seasons, so do we. A good friend pointed out to me yesterday that it is springtime for Media Presbyterian Church. That friend stated, "Winter is over and spring has arrived... And with spring comes beauty, life . . . and a lot of work." There are abundant illustrations of Resurrection available all around us right now. The daffodils, spring green on trees and emerging green in our lawns each proclaim the victory of Life over death. Each of these brings beauty and necessitates tending. In the same way, the life that is springing up at MPC is abundant. A new members class will be received in wo

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