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SFC is committed to coming alongside all members of the church body to provide resources, education, and information in order to support you in your spiritual journey and grow stronger as a disciple of Christ.


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Here are some radio stations and speakers that we believe are very helpful. Please note that MPC/SFC does not endorse or promote all viewpoints of these speakers, but is merely offering them as food for thought and growth. As always, we encourage you to discern the message God has for you in each sermon.


Sirius XM  131 (speakers), 063 (music)

FM 106.9  WKVP (K Love)  (music)

AM 560 WFIL (speakers)



Dr. Charles Stanley

Dr. Michael Youssef

Pastor Rick Warren

Pastor Mike Fabarez

Dr. Ed Young

Dr. David Jeremiah

Joyce Meyers

Chip Ingram