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At Media Presbyterian Church, our mission is to love God and our neighbor.  

Our Children’s Ministry supports these goals by providing programs and activities that allow

children to know, grow, and show God’s love.  

We are dedicated to seeing children of all ages, along with their families,

grow in their knowledge and experience of God’s goodness and grace. 

Children's Ministry at MPC is for children up through 5th grade. For kids 6th grade and above,

visit our Youth Ministry Page to see what's going on! 

We're also happy to invite you to Sunday School!

We meet at 9:00 a.m. - please register online so we can send you the links and make

sure you have all the resources needed. We can't wait to get started! Click here for a hard copy of the Children's Ministry registration form. 

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G-UPS = for grownups   KIDS = for kids

ORANGE Resources

These resources link up with our Sunday School lessons (after the Fall Spiritual Growth Campaign!)

252 Home home base - where it's all at!

252 Parents info on how to connect with the kids and what they're learning each week, plus helpful tips on parenting through the ages/stages!

252 Fun2Do games, recipes, outings, crafts, and more!

252 Fun2Watch 252 Movie = the So & So Show, 252 Story and 252 Shorts = stories that tell and reinforce the Bible themes and lessons!

252 Fun2Listen a new worship song each month 

252 Fun2Read text version of this week's video, for bedtime or anytime!

ParentCue an app just for you! it gives you notes, reminders, even what to say and when to engage your kids most effectively for their age! Here's a video that shows how to sign up: https://youtu.be/NkHL_JhKVl4 

Online Devotions & Learning

Check below for a special presentation on HOW TO DO DEVOTIONS AS A FAMILY!

Crossroads Kids’ Club – KIDS

The Bible Project – G-UPS & Older Kids

VeggieTales Official – KIDS

What’s In The Bible? – G-UPS & KIDS (we have these DVDs at church to borrow!)

JellyTelly 5 Minute Family Devotional – G-UPS & KIDS

Saddleback Kids – KIDS

Douglas Talks – KIDS with G-UP supervision

Lifetree Family – G-UPS

Praise &


VBS & MPC Playlist

Bible Verses & Songs Listener Kids – KIDS

Capitol Kids – KIDS & G-UPS

Orange Kids Music – KIDS & G-UPS

Jana Alayra - KIDS & G-UPS

Christmas Songs & Carols – KIDS & G-UPS

Mannahouse kids – KIDS & G-UPS

The Rizers – KIDS & G-UPS (emphasis on Scripture memory)

Lifetree Kids – KIDS (song videos from every Group VBS for the last several years)


Good Stuff

Think About Scripture!

The Stillwaters: Meditations on the Mount – G-UPS

Meditations on the Mount for Kids – KIDS


Be Mindful!

Headspace – G-UPS & some for KIDS


Get Moving!

GoNoodle - KIDS

Online Virtual Museums!

Freebooksy - new free ebooks every day (some for adults, some for kids! Adults, you can sign up for specific categories!)


6th grade and up?
Check out the Youth Page!