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Spring is upon us, all around us and available through us. Just as the natural world around us has seasons, so do we. A good friend pointed out to me yesterday that it is springtime for Media Presbyterian Church.

That friend stated, "Winter is over and spring has arrived... And with spring comes beauty, life . . . and a lot of work."

There are abundant illustrations of Resurrection available all around us right now. The daffodils, spring green on trees and emerging green in our lawns each proclaim the victory of Life over death. Each of these brings beauty and necessitates tending.

In the same way, the life that is springing up at MPC is abundant. A new members class will be received in worship on Palm Sunday, babies are being born and baptized almost every month, our buildings are overflowing with activity (especially on Wednesday nights). We are preparing for Vacation Bible School and the All Church Mission Trip to Banner Elk, North Carolina. With all of the life springing forth, I have a request.

Would you pray with me?

Spring brings life and growth but it also requires weeding, tending and edging. As I write, the church buildings are being squirrel-proofed; the flower beds are being edged and gutters are being cleaned. This spring cleaning is very important.

Please pray for me, the church staff, our elders, deacons and all those who are leading ministries with MPC. Pray that we would have an increase in faith, wisdom and love. Pray that in all of our efforts the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be shared and that He will receive the glory due to Him. Pray that we will be able to tell what new growth needs to be trimmed or weeded to make room for more good things that God wants to do in, with and through us. Pray that we will have clarity as to where to apply fertilizer and extra care.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Warmly in Christ, Jonathan

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