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This coming Sunday we are going to be celebrating what we have learned during our 40 Day All Church Spiritual Growth campaign. I used Google to check my memory, the irony of which will soon be apparent. I typed the word anamnesis into the search bar. That didn't work. Google's algorithms haven't yet figured out that I'm more interested in Greek transliteration than obscure illnesses. Before standing up and walking to use my Greek dictionary, I switched to the app Google Translate. I tried again, typing anamnesis and Google suggested, did you mean, αναμνεσισ? I clicked yes. I laughed out loud when Google gave me the English translation. Google told me that this word means “expect”. I was

Jesus as King and Comforter

I have recently started reading through the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, and just finished The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I came across a wonderful part of the story where Aslan, Susan, and Lucy are celebrating the fact that Aslan has come back from the dead. Now, it is important to mentioned that Aslan is a Lion. Lewis described how they were playing tag, rolling around, and generally goofing off. Then in a fit of giggling and panting they lay together on the grass in simple and pure joy. “Whether it was more like playing with a thunderstorm or playing with a kitten Lucy was never make up her mind.” I loved that dual image of Aslan, who is the Jesus figure in the story. It is s


This week’s theme for our All-Church Spiritual Growth Campaign is ‘Discipleship.’ The substance of this lesson is that we are created to become like Christ. We are created to become Holy – to become Whole. These two words are not just related phonetically. I was recently having a conversation with someone about integrity; the definition is ‘ the state of being whole; entire – undiminished.’ Integrity also comes from the word ‘integer’ – a whole number. A whole number includes both positive and negatives. This is what it means to be (W)Holy. In becoming like Christ, He almost always uses our darkest parts – our negative parts- as an opportunity to display his perfect power. (2n

40 Days of Purpose

Today, we are exactly halfway through our All Church Spiritual Growth campaign, 40 Days of Purpose. So far we have examined three topics: 1. Life's biggest question, “What on Earth am I here for?” 2. Our first purpose: to worship God, 3. Our second purpose: to participate in Fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Three purposes remain: Discipleship, Ministry and Evangelism/Mission. Over the last 20 days, 16 groups with 140 members, have been engaged in conversations about these purposes. At least 200 have been reading the daily devotional and even more have been present to participate in Sunday worship where we have examined God's purposes for our lives. I have heard fr

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