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A Season For Sabbatical

I’m writing this on the heels of coming back from a wonderful retreat in Ireland. The leader of the retreat, Peter Rollins, kicked off our time together by asking a simple question: “How many of you don’t know why you’re here?” I knew I was in the right place when everyone raised their hand. He went on to describe two types of vacation: There’s the first type where we take some time off to get away from the disaster of our daily lives, and at least half of that vacation is spent building up the energy to enter back in to a world where we feel like a hostage. And then there’s the other type of vacation- when we catch a spark that starts a fire, causing us to make changes in our lives that

The Kingdom of God is Motion Activated

This past Sunday we celebrated Consecration Sunday and I preached a message entitled, “The Kingdom of God is Motion Activated.” Our scripture was Joshua 3:5, “Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Just like the doors at the grocery store, which open when they “see” motion, throughout scripture we see God moving in response to the obedient motion of his servants. God said GO to Abraham, Moses and Joshua. When they moved, God moved in power. God told Abraham to go to the land that would be shown to him. When Abraham obeyed, leaving his home and going to literally only-God-knows-where, God moved in power and made Abraham a fath

Your True Self

I’ve pretty much been an actor my whole life. It started with my breakout role as a sheep at the age of 2 in my preschool Christmas pageant. I went up on stage, looked out at the assembly, burst into tears, and ran back to my mommy in the audience. Things have improved since then. I spent my childhood doing school plays, church skits, and annual community summer theater. In high school, I added in directing. In college, I joined Transformed! Eastern’s traveling drama ministry – as both an actor and director. I learned to be a chameleon. Anytime, anywhere, I would and could be anybody you wanted. I even eventually developed the ability to cry real tears on cue – something that still earns

"But While He Was A Long Way Off"

We need to be reminded often that we don’t need to achieve perfection to be loved by our Heavenly Father. We have been gifted with the Holy Spirit to be able to call God “Abba, Father” (Romans 8:15). “Abba,” is the Hebrew equivalent to “daddy,” which conveys a sense of vulnerability, innocence, and love. That is how we are encouraged to approach God, as a loving and caring father. Earthly fathers can often fail at loving unconditionally and with grace, but God never fails to do so. In Luke 15 Jesus leaves us with a beautiful picture of the love of our Daddy Father. We find Jesus surrounded by sinners, and the “perfect people” are gossiping about how he is spending time with dirty and sketc

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