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Who's Hungry?

Hey friends! Pay attention to your announcements over the next several weeks, because starting soon, we are going to be hosting a monthly dinner for the Church at MPC! AND – we’re inviting the community. This will be a wonderful time for our church family to get together once a month and share a meal – it doesn’t cost you anything, you don’t have to bring anything, just show up and fellowship with your friends. But plan to make some new friends as well. It was William Temple who said, “The church is the only institution that exists primarily for those who are not its’ members.” Scripture is clear about the matter in the ‘Parable of the Great Banquet’ : ‘A man once gave a great ba

MPC Youth Mission Statement

MPC Youth is so excited to reveal its mission statement! It has been a been a three-month work-in-progress. When we hosted the Vision meeting back in January we were so excited to see over 60 people come out and participate, from middle schoolers to grandparents. It was so overwhelming to see so many people care so much about the youth of Media Presbyterian Church. The results of the vision meeting revealed that across all age groups, what people thought was most important/wanted, in order, was belonging, spiritual growth, and fun. The youth committee looked at each of these three dynamics closely. First, the desire for belonging is a deep and instinctual desire that everyone has. We all w

Pastoral Care

*NOTE: this is more of a "Long" word, rather than a "Quick" word, but definitely worth reading. I want to share with you some of my experiences with Pastoral Care. I grew up old-school. We lived on a 50-acre farm, and there weren’t a whole lot of other children around, so my Mom would often take me to visit our neighbors. Elderly neighbors. I would visit Margaret Messer every Wednesday, and play piano for her on her upright 1920’s Steinway. On the weekends I would visit our other neighbor, Zelma Shelton (who became Grandma Shelton to me), and we would pick apples and pears out of her orchards and I would help her can tomatoes and snap beans. When I got old enough, Mama didn’t have to

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