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MPC Youth Mission Statement

MPC Youth is so excited to reveal its mission statement! It has been a been a three-month work-in-progress. When we hosted the Vision meeting back in January we were so excited to see over 60 people come out and participate, from middle schoolers to grandparents. It was so overwhelming to see so many people care so much about the youth of Media Presbyterian Church. The results of the vision meeting revealed that across all age groups, what people thought was most important/wanted, in order, was belonging, spiritual growth, and fun. The youth committee looked at each of these three dynamics closely.

First, the desire for belonging is a deep and instinctual desire that everyone has. We all want a place to belong. A place to be loved and love in return. Many people noted during the vision meeting that creating a safe space and building relationships were of great significance to them and to youth. So, in creating the mission statement we loved the imagery of an open door to a safe space, a loving space, a place to belong. Second, the pursuit of spiritual growth and a relationship with Jesus was rated as being an integral and foundational part of the youth ministry. This might seem redundant, but the sad truth is that many people lose sight of the purpose of ministry as they get swept up in programs, events, and retreats. The youth committee wanted to make sure that our mission statement communicated that Christ was the cornerstone off the ministry. Which is why you can see the words that make up the mission statement are in the form of a cross. MPCYouth is excited to help make disciples and disciplers of the youth here at MPC and the surrounding community. Third, sometimes fun seems insignificant or should be a secondary purpose but it should not be. When it comes to youth ministry fun might look like silly games or fun adventures, but what we are really fostering is joy. A joy in community, a joy in fellowship, a joy in Christ. When we have fun together we create opportunities for youth to see that being a Christian does not mean sacrificing fun; it invites you into something deeper. Joy. Sometimes,when we have fun we suddenly become surprised by joy and have a moment of clarity when we realize that our joy is a gift from the Father who loves us. That is the moment we hope to help create here at MPC for the youth. Thank you MPC Family for being a part of this process. Thank you for youth thoughts, prayers, and service. But, the work is not done yet. We still need your prayers, we need your gifts, we need your time. I invite all of you to help us in one of those ways to create… AN OPEN DOOR TO FAITH FRIENDS AND FUN.

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