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A Message from Pastor Jonathan

Dear Members and Friends of Media Presbyterian Church, On behalf of the Elders, I'm writing to say Thank You and Please. First, thank you for your generosity and giving throughout 2018 and the many generous increased pledges for 2019. The majority of Estimate of Giving cards received have increased over previous years. In 1st Samuel chapter 17, David defeats the Philistine giant Goliath. The story is told in brilliant detail of how the 9 foot tall champion frightened of the Army of Israel for weeks before the young boy David dared to face him. Media Presbyterian Church reminds me of David. If you will pardon the metaphor, this congregation, like David, “punches above its weight.” I have not encountered a group of Christians that is more generous or ready to serve than MPC. Here are just a few of the things that I see. The Senior Craftsmen gather each Thursday to do renovations for those in need. Our Moms of Young Children group ran an Advent donation drive on top of the hundreds of angel tree gifts that were donated for the Second Time Around Parents Christmas party and Rose Tree Elementary students. In July, 70 volunteers traveled to the most impoverished county of North Carolina to build a new home and repair existing homes near Banner Elk. This is all in addition to the countless hours served locally and the over $160,000 given to our Mission partners last year (nearly 20% of our operating budget!). Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus in so many fun, exciting and life-changing ways! I believe that we can do more together. However, we are facing an end of year deficit. The Elders will be finalizing next year’s budget soon and this will be shaped by how we finish 2018. Will you help expand the Kingdom of God through MPC in 2019? There are three ways that you can, right now. If you haven’t already, please fulfill your existing 2018 pledge and prayerfully complete a 2019 Estimate of Giving card. You can also make an end of year gift. I look forward to celebrating Christmas with you! Warmly in Christ, Pastor Jonathan Fettig EndFragment

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