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A Week In The Life

A common refrain I hear from new worshippers in our community is “I can’t believe how much Media Presbyterian does!” In fact, we have been known in the community as “the church that does stuff.” A majority of this ‘stuff’ however, goes unnoticed. As the pastoral resource for caring ministries, I’ll take this moment to highlight what just 1 week looks like in the life of the church:

  • During the recent STAP (Second Time Around Parents) back to school drive, you donated 713 items for families in need, including 19 backpacks.

  • Approximately 10 folks from our church and community got together to cook a meal, and then served close to 200 people at the Life Center in Upper Darby, PA.

  • 50 people from our church and the wider community were fed at the monthly community dinner. Perhaps more important is the great conversations that took place!

  • The Benevolence committee, the financial assistance arm of the Deacons, provided $700 in rental assistance to a community member in need.

  • The visitation team met with 9 members – either in their homes or in their hospital rooms

  • 2 families were delivered flowers after Sunday morning worship

  • 7 individuals were given homebound communion

  • 3 Stephen Ministers met with their care receivers, ministering to 3 individuals in our midst

  • 2-4 volunteers headed to the foodbank to serve the wider community

This doesn’t include mission endeavors, education classes, bible studies, small groups, music rehearsals, children and youth activities, and the committee meetings that take place to organize all these affairs! Now multiply these numbers by 52 weeks!

On October 21st, after worship, MPC will be hosting our annual Ministry Fair, as part of our Spiritual Growth campaign. Come and see how you can participate with us in the Holy Spirit’s work of changing lives and bestowing grace. Sign up for a project that appeals to you, and then watch God work in your life and the lives you will certainly touch.



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