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"When God Whispers Your Name"

In Max Lucado’s book, “When God Whispers Your Name,” he includes a list of Maxims that I keep on hand at all times. These short sayings have blessed and edified me over the years, and continue to do so. In his words, "Keep the ones you like. Forgive the ones you don’t. Share them when you can." "Pray all the time. If necessary, use words." "Sacrilege is to feel guilt for sins forgiven." "God forgets the past. Imitate Him." "Greed I’ve often regretted. Generosity – never." "Never miss a chance to read a child a story." "Pursue forgiveness, not innocence." "Be doubly kind to the people who bring your food or park your car." "In buying a gift for your spouse, practicality can be more expensive than extravagance." "Don’t ask God to do what you want. Ask God to do what is right." "Nails didn’t hold God to a cross. Love did." "You’ll give up on yourself before God will." "Know answered prayer when you see it, and don’t give up when you don’t." "Flattery is fancy dishonesty." "The right heart with the wrong creed is better than the right creed with the wrong heart." "We treat others as we perceive God is treating us." "Sometimes the most godly thing we can do is take a day off." "Faith in the future begets power in the present." "No one is useless to God. No one." "Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional." "You will never forgive anyone more than God has already forgiven you." "Succeed in what matters." "You’ll regret opening your mouth. You’ll rarely regret keeping it shut." "To see sin without grace is despair. To see grace without sin is arrogance. To see them in tandem is conversion." "Faith is the grit in the soul that puts the dare into dreams." "God doesn’t keep a clock." "Never underestimate a gesture of affection." "When Jesus went home, he left the front door open." And to sum it up:

  • As soon as you can, pay your debts.

  • As long as you can, give the benefit of the doubt.

  • As much as you can, give thanks. He’s already given us more than we deserve.

Love, Nikki All quotes from "When God Whispers Your Name" by Max Lucado, 1994

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