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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year wonderful folks! I'm so excited to be starting 2019 with you!

So, what's in store for us this year?

First, Parenting Partners kicks off next Wednesday, Jan. 9th! WOOHOO! We're very excited to bring you this programming. It serves us as parents and caretakers in several ways:

1. it gives us a toolbox and skillset for the important job parents do

2. it includes faith in parenting & leadership along with ethics, boundaries, and healthy communication

3. it helps us focus on BOTH the needs of the kids, AND the needs of parents

4. it demonstrates and gives space to practice valuable parenting qualities, how we recognize and affirm strengths, instill confidence, set healthy boundaries, argue successfully and productively, understand the difference between discipline and punishment, and look at the 4 major styles of parenting, all in an environment of mutual support and growth

Second, for the Wednesday night kids, we are coming off an AMAZING holiday season of connecting with families and the congregation through music and worship! I'm SO PROUD of each and every one! We'll be learning more about the Bible as we go, learning new songs, and seeking out new ways to learn, play, and serve with Carrie and Miss Janis! We're so excited to see what God has to teach us in 2019!

REMINDER - if you haven't filled out the Information Update on your family, please click here to do so as soon as you can!


Carrie :)

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