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Community Dinners Are Coming!

Beginning on June the 10th, MPC will be serving a community meal once-monthly. This meal is open to our entire church family, and to anyone who wishes to attend. This meal has been made possible by your session, and due to the generous bequests of two members who have gone on to a great reward. I challenge all of you attend this dinner, as part of your commitment to the church and our community, and also as a celebration of our love of Christ and neighbor. The meal will be served from 6:00-7:00, and will not run any later than one hour. Are you interested in helping?

! There are 5 service teams you can pick from, which are listed below. Each team has a leader – when you sign up to help with a particular team, you can expect to hear from your Lead. 1. Advertising Team: Lead – Cindy McPeak -Already Jasmine Johnson and Cindy have been working hard to create flyers, a banner for the front lawn, and contacting other local churches to get them involved. We are specifically looking for individuals who would be willing to post fliers around town, and also leave them on people’s doorsteps and mailboxes – specifically our neighbors right in Media. 2. Kitchen Team: Lead(s) – Bruce Saybolt, Eileen McLaughlin, and Maria Crann I think the tasks here speak for themselves! We are looking for individuals for 3 areas of service: 1. Food Shoppers 2. Kitchen Crew (cooking) - Asst. Lead: Eileen McLaughlin 3. Servers - Asst. Lead: Maria Crann 3. Engagement Team: Lead – Dale Belville Frankly, the most important part of this dinner isn’t actually the food. It’s being a neighbor and friend to our neighbors. Serving on the engagement team means that you love engaging people, particularly strangers, and your participation will include: -serving as greeters -sitting down and eating with our guests (so hard, right?) -being stationed at doorways, hallways, library (great for introverts actually) -Doing Relationship. 4. Set-Up Team: Holly Gaffney 5. Clean-Up Team: Brian McLaughlin Both Set-Up and Clean-Up are great for folks who want to serve, but have a limited time and space capacity to be able to be present. Your duties are pretty clear-cut! The general chair for this event is Brian McLaughlin. If you have any questions, please contact either myself or Brian for more information. Click here to sign-up for a particular service area. Once you sign-up, your Team Lead will be in touch with more information as we get closer to June 10th. Thank you for doing your part to change the world here in Media.

Richly, Nikki

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