Mission Partners

Acts 1:8 - "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."




Jesus calls each of us to serve those who are in need. “Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mt 20:28

For the past 20 years, Media Presbyterian Church has conducted an All-Church Summer Mission Trip to rural areas in North Carolina and West Virginia. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity chapters and other local mission organizations, church members and friends participate in new home construction and rehabilitation projects for economically disadvantaged people in these communities. Because of our example, these trips have encouraged increased donations and activity at the local level, as well as mission trips by former MPC staff members and their churches. At the conclusion of each work day, everyone gathers for dinner and a time of fellowship and fun. 

 “And the king will answer them, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’ ” Mt 25:40



An evolving mission of the Presbytery of Philadelphia, Chester Eastside Ministries (CEM) shines a light in the heart of the City of Chester, PA. It provides food and clothing as well as after-school activities, a library and computer lab and programs for GED and other adult education. Media Presbyterian Church looks forward to renewing our long-time partnership with CEM.


Bernice Warren, Director


Phone: 610-872-4812



Located in the heart of Chester, CityTeam is a non-profit Christian service agency that seeks to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of hurting people throughout the Delaware Valley. Staff and volunteers reach out to those in need with a hot meal, a safe shelter, and decent clothing. They offer a residential recovery program for men who are on the road of destruction from drugs and alcohol.

CityTeam also operates the Mother-Baby Program, a family ministry which provides food, diapers and clothing to families in need.

Media Presbyterian Church has partnered with CityTeam in Chester in a variety of ways for many years.


634 Sproul Street Chester, PA 19013

Philadelphia City Director, Kwinn Tucker

Phone: 610-872-6865



Hundreds of children throughout the economically-distressed community of Chester have found a safe, nurturing environment to learn, to grow and to be challenged at Frederick Douglass Christian School (FDCS). Its curriculum stresses both the academic and spiritual development of students and meets all Pennsylvania state requirements. FDCS teaches the Bible at all grade levels, and biblical truth is integrated into the curriculum when appropriate. Christian values are taught, emphasized and modeled by all of the school staff.

Media Presbyterian Church has partnered with Frederick Douglass Christian School since World Impact started it in Chester in 1995. MPC members have volunteered in the classroom, library and after-school programs, as well as working on construction projects. Some MPC members have taught at FDCS full-time.


700 Central Avenue Chester, PA 19013

Patricia Vallot, Principal

Phone: 610-499-9030



Kirkwood Camp and Conference Center was established in 1960 when the Presbytery of Philadelphia purchased a family farm and converted it into a residential youth camp, retreat and conference center. The camp consists of 292 acres with a large meadows for games, a large pond for boating and swimming, hiking trails winding through laurel hammocks, piney forests, and stands of hardwood.

The mission of Kirkwood Camp is to live the Word of Jesus Christ by providing a safe, nurturing, caring Christian community that energizes and transforms children and adults in a tranquil, natural setting.

Many members of Media Presbyterian Church have fond memories of Kirkwood Camp and church family summer camping trips; retreats; work parties; and individual visits.


Kirkwood Camp and Conference Center

127 Kirkwood Road

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Phone: 570-421-8625




Young Life is a non-profit organization that reaches out to nearly 1.5 million middle school, high school and college students in communities across the United States and around the world. Young Life provides role models, safe activities and a sense of significance to these students. Founded in 1941 by a young pastor with a passion for the students in his community who had no interest in Christianity, Young Life offers kids: 

  • The friendship of adults who take the time to relate to kids in their world.
  • A chance to gather and have fun in a safe setting outside of school. 
  • An opportunity to consider the basic claims of the Christian faith in a non-threatening setting. The stated vision of Young Life is that Every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him.

Many members of Media Presbyterian Church value their involvement with Young Life both now and in their growing-up years.




Young Lives is a ministry of Young Life that focuses on teen moms, modeling the unconditional love of Christ and encouraging them to become the women and mothers God created them to be.

A group of women at Media Presbyterian Church works with the local Young Lives ministry.






Founded in 1995, Caring Hands India is managed by Arun and Shobha Massey, assisted by their daughter Melissa. Arun is the son of Gabriel and Suzana Massey of Christian Outreach for Rural Nurture (CORN).

Caring Hands India involves:

Homes for Children: Arun and Shobha and staff are raising some 62 girls and 10 boys in homes that provide these needy, underprivileged children with a safe, loving, Christian environment. The children range in age from 5 to 19 and can remain in their home until they graduate from high school.

Share and Care Project: Nearly 3,000 children participate in this after-school program at one of 42 Caring Hands Centers located in various villages. The staff encourages children to first attend school each day. Then staff at the centers assist the children with their school projects, teach them Bible stories and songs and engage with them in sports activities.

HIV /AIDS Ministry: Caring Hands offers counseling and food rations to temple prostitutes and their children who are suffering from HIV/AIDS on the condition that the women stop engaging in prostitution and thus help stop the spread of HIV.

Camps and Training: Caring Hands holds retreats for women, families and children on a regular basis. Through various activities and workshops they learn the love of God and subjects such as personal hygiene and nutrition. Valuable lessons in making clothes are held at a Tailoring Center.

Over the years, Arun and Shobha have visited Media Presbyterian Church several times and members of MPC have seen their work first-hand in India.







For many years the Rev. Dr. Gabriel Massey and his wife Suzana have carried a burden for the multitudes of downtrodden in the rural areas in their home state of Madhya Pradesh. In all facets of their ministry, which includes the following programs, evangelism is practiced and the gospel is preached.

Gabriel and Suzana are the parents of Arun Massey of Caring Hands India.

Child Care: Child Care Centers in the villages of Moraha and Jhui Khadan each accommodate 30 children ranging in age from 5 to 13. Children learn Bible verses and staff holds worship services each Sunday.

Medical: Staff periodically teaches classes on proper child care as well as good health and hygiene practices. Medicines are provided to those in need.

Sewing Classes: Sewing classes for women and girls are conducted on a regular basis. Learning sewing skills enable these women and girls to make clothes for their own family and provides them with the opportunity to earn income and become self-sufficient.

Prison Ministry: Both men and women prisoners are visited on a regular basis.

Bundeli Bible Translation: Gabriel is part of a team that is translating the Bible into the Bundeli language. This effort, when completed, will enable some 46 million people to read the Bible in their own language.

Manager of the Christian English College: For the past 20 years, Gabriel has served as the Manager of this school, which is located in Chhatarpur and offers classes from kindergarten through 12th grade. The school has 2,000 students, 98% of whom are from non-Christian families, thus offering the opportunity to share Christian values and the message of salvation with these students.

Conferences: The Masseys hold conferences focusing on discipleship, evangelism and church planting for village church leaders on a regular basis.

Over the years, Gabriel and Suzana have visited Media Presbyterian Church several times and members of MPC have seen their work first-hand in India.





Compassion Corps is a coalition of concern, intent on alleviating suffering and advancing development in northern Africa through strategic partnerships with indigenous leaders who are already working and doing much good among their own people. Compassion Corps is currently partnering with local workers in Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Liberia, Tunisia, Egypt and Uganda. The Corps finds that the short-term trip approach allows them to build up, resource and encourage those leaders who are running their own ministries of compassion. During their trips, they strive to facilitate economic development and empower communities to improve their own circumstances through projects including educational initiatives, medical and construction work, training for women, children and youth activities, clean water projects and more.

Compassion Corps was founded around 2004 by Delaware County residents Jan Bean (member of MPC) and Beth McMillen. Its headquarters is in Chester Heights, PA. Many members of MPC have served on short-term trips and are also part of the Compassion Corps volunteer staff and board of directors.


compassioncorps@gmail.com, bmcmillen@compassion-corps.com




ConeXion Mosaico is a Christian organization of believers who are passionate about living out God's Kingdom values of love, hope, and transformation in the heart of urban poverty. In 2006 leaders Jean-Luc and Shabrae Krieg moved to the slum community of Chimalhuacan in Mexico City to start their holistic ministry.

Jean-Luc and Shabrae have visited Media and MPC members have served on a short-term team in Chimalhuacan.







Cru is the new name for the US branch of Campus Crusade for Christ International. Paul and Lori Dickason, members of MPC, have been serving with Cru in Hungary for many years. Lori is the middle school principal at the International Christian School of Budapest. Paul is a teacher, preacher, evangelist and disciple-maker both in Cru and in two new churches in Hungary.






The ministry conducted by Pastor S. George and his wife Lysia involves:

Providing a Home for Boys: Pastor George, Lysia and their staff maintain a home, in their own house, for some 40 boys ranging in age from 4 to 19 years old. These boys, whose parents are either deceased or unable to raise them, are cared for until they graduate from high school. Financial support provided by our church helps pay for the boys' food, clothing, health needs, tuition and school supplies as well as all the costs related to maintaining their home.

Individuals and families in our church provide additional necessary funds by sponsoring boys at a cost of $50.00 per month per boy. Anyone interested in learning more about this sponsorship program is encouraged to contact Howard Davis at hdavis471@verizon.net.

Planting Churches: Pastor George has successfully started 7 new churches in various villages outside of Ooty. It is rewarding and interesting to note that 3 of these churches are headed up by men who had been raised by Pastor George and Lysia.

Evangelism: Pastor George travels periodically within India and to Sri Lanka to share the good news of the gospel, meeting with church leaders and preaching in various churches.

Pastor George and Lysia have not visited Media, but members of MPC have seen their work first-hand in India.





Promised Land Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization working around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala with local churches and short-term missions teams to promote education, health, nutrition, and the Gospel of Christ. It was established in 1996 by the Rev. Roberto Santizo and his wife Ita.

Roberto and Ita have visited Media, and many MPC members have been part of short-term mission trips to this ministry in Guatemala. Currently, MPC provides financial support for PLM's feeding program, which provides nutritious meals to local needy children.





Wells for Relief International, Inc is a non-profit corporation with a mission to alleviate the suffering of people around the world caused by inadequate and unsafe water supplies. It was cofounded by Mark Mills and David Powell in 2004 in an effort to use the skills and resources that God has given them to help alleviate the suffering and death caused by unsafe drinking water. Its current focus is in Ghana, West Africa.

Dave is a member of Media Presbyterian Church and many MPC members have accompanied him on short-term trips to work on water projects in Ghana and Morocco.




Phone: 610-496-4429




Wells for Relief International and MPC have recently partnered with Africa's HOPE in building St. Michael's Children's Hospital near Berekum, Ghana. Many MPC members have accompanied Dave on short-term trips for hospital construction work; recently a team including medical personnel helped dedicate the Ann Bates Memorial Section of the building. (The late Dr. Bates was an MPC member.)

Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Esther Yeboah-Awusi are the founders of Africa’s HOPE, Inc. (USA) and AfriHOPE Missions (Ghana).