COVID-19: Keeping you Safe and Healthy


Current Guidance

MPC's Leadership voted to encourage congregants to follow guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated  individuals. Per the CDC, this means: 

●    Fully vaccinated individuals participating in church events are not required to wear masks.
●    Social distancing is no longer required.  MPC encourages members to understand the risks as they attend events and activities that occur indoors and social distancing is no longer mandated as a requirement.
●    Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks.  As a reminder, masks offer some protection to the wearer and are also meant to protect those around the wearer, in case they are infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.  Masks and sanitizer are available for those who request them.
●    All congregants are reminded that should they feel sick, or someone in their household is sick, to refrain from attending church events and activities.  This is to 'love thy neighbor' and minimize the spread of illness (COVID or other).


Prior Practices 

We are dedicated to the protection of its employees, volunteers, congregants, facilities, and resources. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that the Church can continue all aspects of its operations and community activities during an infectious disease outbreak and can safely resume normal operations as quickly as possible after an outbreak affects our facility. We place a high priority on developing, validating, and, as necessary, implementing a detailed COVID-19 Exposure Control & Response Plan.