Book Club

Women’s Book Club: 4th Monday, 7:30 p.m., Room 103

Next Meeting: February 27, 2016

Population One: Autistm, Adversity and the Will to Succeed by Tyler McNamer - Being different from the masses is one of the greatest gifts that you possess! Let's face it: Who wants to be just like everyone else? Talk about boring! People come in all shapes and sizes and are born with natural and unnatural gifts and talents like no other, and your greatest challenge is to discover your gifts and then apply them to the world to create a better place, a better planet, a better universe! That is my challenge to you so that all of us can get along peacefully and become truly a population of one. I would like to ask you some questions to help you discover what makes you unique, different, and awesome. Click on the book for more information.

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