It is the duty of deacons, first of all, to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, the friendless, and to any who may be in distress. - Book of Order



Class of 2018

Dale Belville

Susan Hare

Jessica Johnson

Abby MacPherson

Stephen Menaldino

Cindy McPeak

Jeannie Michels

David Richards

John Walton


Class of 2019

Andy Gross

Ally Long

Dale Snead

Cornelia Vieira


Class of 2020

Susan Howe

Brian McLaughlin

Linda Richardson



Connecting to Christ, Church and Community

I love being a Deacon at MPC, serving on the Benevolence Committee, and having more opportunities to connect to:  Christ, my faith, my church & church family, and my community.   I was particularly happy when my oldest son said to me, “Mom- I am proud that you are a Deacon, because you help our church and our community”.  Truthfully, the blessings that I have received through service far outweigh any that I could have possibly given.   I have had so many wonderful opportunities to connect with people that I know and do not know in both my own church and community, all while I strengthen my relationship with Jesus and connect others to Christ’s unconditional love.  I have met terrific people in our church that I never would have had the chance to meet.  One of the opportunities that I enjoy most is talking and praying with those in our community that call the MPC Benevolence Hotline.

It is through these conversations and prayers with my brothers and sisters that are in crisis, that I am reminded of Christ’s grace and unending love for ALL of his children.  Jesus Christ wants the best for all of us; there is no limit to his love.  He wants us to share the good news of his love, help all of his children, and forgive one another.  “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”  John 13:34    I was truly touched after receiving a very sweet thank you note from a local family that MPC helped to pay their monthly mortgage payment after a devastating medical accident had occurred leaving one parent unable to work.  I have been blessed to pray with a PECO employee, once we established that we were both women of faith, about a particular family that MPC was trying to help that could not pay their PECO bill and then we prayed for each other!  I’m sure that every Deacon at MPC could describe an incident where they have felt closer to Jesus and their faith because of their service.  I came home from the monthly May Deacon meeting and told my husband how happy I was that I was able to attend the meeting (even though I was late!), as I felt refreshed and recharged.  As a Deacon, I want to do a better job of helping others in our church to find ways to connect with Christ, each other, and our community.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the joy that I have felt.  I encourage everyone to find their own way to better connect to our wonderful church, church family and community!         

---Jen Bush


Food Bank

Our recent partnership with the Media Food Bank has been a wonderful experience for our church community as well as the food bank.  We went from serving 7 to 8 families once a month from MPC's food cupboard, to helping the food bank serve around 50 families, on average, every other Saturday and 70 families every Thursday evening. We were unaware as to how much need there was so close to home and it has been a blessing to be a part of serving so many needy families.  Each month, we have been asking members of our church for designated items to make up "kits" that can be handed out.  Our first kit was a reusable grocery bag, soup ingredients and a recipe for the soup.  We had a tremendous response from the congregation.  It was overwhelming to walk into the church kitchen and see the counters lined with red reusable bags filled with soup makings.  We handed out every single one at the food bank much to the joy of the families who received them.  They were almost more excited about receiving a reusable grocery bag than they were about the actual contents of the bag. 


It has been great to see about a dozen people show up from our church every fourth Saturday for MPC's designated day at the food bank.  We all get a chance to interact with the people coming in to get their food and it is heartwarming to see how appreciative they are of the assistance they are receiving.  It is also a blessing to be able to work and interact with members of our church and to get to know each other better, which creates a greater sense of community.

---Betty Luzier and Holly Gaffney


Senior Craftsmen

The Senior Craftsmen have been busy over the last several month assisting congregation members with work around their homes, such as power washing, toilet installation and prepping a deck for staining.  In one case, friends of MPC were assisted in repairs to help get their house on the market.  We have assisted the Media Food Bank with the construction of raised vegetable bed (32’ by 4’by 18’ deep) to provide fresh vegetables for the Food Bank. (See pictures on the Food Banks’ Facebook page:  We also constructed eight raised flower and vegetable beds (each 8’ by 4’ by 1’ deep) for the Boys and Girls Club of Chester.  Work has been undertaken to assist Compassion Corp with the storage of their coffee. Numerous projects around the Church have also been undertaken including retouching and painting of the pews, installation of new carpet in the hallway outside the choir loft to replace old worn out carpet that had become a tripping hazard.

---Joe Hare


Choose To Be In Service

On Sunday, come to the service, put your contribution in the basket, and go home.  Or, next Sunday, come to the service, serve communion, lead worship, or usher. After the service, deliver flowers to someone who needs to know that they are cared about, thought about and prayed about. Or, go to a nursing home and serve communion to someone who is not physically able to be at the service.  After you serve communion, sit with them, be with them, feel what it is like to be with someone with intention.  Ask them about their life.  Listen to them and allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with giving of yourself to another human being.

During the week, volunteer to answer the deacon hotline and take the time to listen to people who call a hotline looking for help because they have nowhere else to turn, getting to really know them, here them.  Take a moment to actually be with another person and care about them. Rather than just trying to solve the problem - listen.  After you are finished talking with them, send an email out to fellow deacons describing the circumstances and asking for them to take the time to understand the person’s request and to decide whether or not MPC can help them.  Experience what it is like if you have to tell them “no.”  Experience what it is like when you tell them “yes.”

Once a month, go to a meeting at 7:00 p.m. for an hour and a half and sit there looking at the clock, or sit there and be in the presence of others who understand the value of giving of yourself to others. Listen to what the Deacons have done for others and what it did for them to  discover the blessing of having an opportunity to think about someone else. Perhaps doing something for them that made a difference in their life, even if it was as simple as letting them know that they are cared about or thought about. 

Being in service has helped my spiritual growth as much as reading the scripture or going to church and listening to a sermon.  Please do not miss an opportunity to be in service.  Say “Yes.”  Participate and share in what it feels like to give to others and to be in the company of people who understand the blessing of caring and giving of yourself in service.

---Gene Malady