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But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives.
In the end, he will stand upon the earth.

Job 19:25

Scriptures & Books to help you through this time.


The steps to take to begin arranging for the service.


List of fees for services rendered during a funeral.


Reach out to a pastor to arrange the date & time of service



Scriptures of

Hope and Comfort

Ecclesiastes 3
For everything there is a season

Isaiah 26
He will keep you in perfect peace

Isaiah 43
When you pass through the waters, He will be with you

Psalm 23
The Lord is my Shepherd

Psalm 103
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases

Psalm 116
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful ones

Psalm 121
I will lift up my eyes to the hills

Psalm 130
Out of the depths I cry to the Lord

Luke 23
Today you will be with Me in paradise

John 11
I am the Resurrection and the Life

John 14
Let not your hearts be troubled

Romans 8
Nothing can separate us from the love of God

Romans 14
Whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s

1 Cor. 15
Death is swallowed up in victory

Revelation 21
​God will wipe their tears; mourning, crying and pain will be no more

Resources Available on Grief and Grieving

COMFORT FROM BEYOND, Ed. Evelyn Bence (2008) (242.4) Real Life Experiences of Hope in the Face of Loss. Foreword by Don Piper. "In this book you have an excellent resource for encouragement....As you read each chapter, you will know that angels are real! That forgiveness is possible. That grief can be overcome. That heaven is real.... I know. I have experienced all this myself. And now, as you read these pages, you will too." (From Foreword by John Piper)

ANDREW, YOU DIED TOO SOON by Corinne Chilstram (1993) (248.8 Chi) A Family Experience of Grieving and Living Again...."A mother tells the story of love for her soon which had to continue without that son. A story of speechless grief and the events, the pain, the road toward life again."

WHEN GOD DOESN"T MAKE SENSE by Dr. James Dobson (1993) (231 Dob) "This book deals Unflinchingly with life's most troubling question — the awesome "Why?" It helps believers avoid "the betrayal barrier," the sense that God is abandoning them amidst the storms of life."

LIVING WHEN A LOVED ONE HAS DIED by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman (1995) (248.8 Gro) Rabbi Earl A. Grollman is an internationally known lecturer, writer, and grief counselor whose work has helped thousands of people. He has also written DEATH FOR TEENAGERS and TALKING ABOUT DEATH: A Dialogue Between Parent and Child.

GRIEVING THE LOSS OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE by Raymond R. Mitsch and Lynn Brookside (1993) (242.4 Mit) "The authors shine a light on the road through grief. They provide help as you endure anguish, understand the stages of grief, sort through the emotions of anger, guilt, fear, and depression, and face the God who allowed you to lose someone you love. It provides a series of thoughtful daily devotions that share wisdom, insight, and comfort."

YOUR PARTICULAR GRIEF by Wayne E. Oates (1981) (248.8 Oat) "This book is invaluable for persons coping with grief as well as for their family and friends. The author provides support and encouragement for overcoming grief and beginning to live again.

WIDOW TO WIDOW by Genevieve Davis (1997) (305.48) Provides "Thoughtful Ideas for rebuilding your life. Writing from her own experiences as a widow, as author and therapist, Genevieve is frankly honest as she dispels the myths and disputes the rules, encouraging each widow to begin her new life in her own way and time."

FACING DEATH AND THE LIFE AFTER by Billy Graham. (1987) (236 Gra) "We cannot begin to understand the riddle of death without the guiding knowledge of the world of God. He illustrates the biblical teaching with poignant personal experiences with death in his own family as well as with anecdotes from his world of travels."

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON DEATH AND DYING by Elisabeth Kubler Ross (1974) (616 Kub) Dr. Kubler will be remembered throughout psychiatric history as one who tried to make her colleagues keep in mind that the dying patient is still a human being. She answers questions about the end of life, suicide, terminal illness, and euthanasia, telling the patient he is critically ill, and the special difficulties surrounding death.

LEARNING TO SAY GOOD-BYE by Edna LeShan (1976) (301.1 Las) The author's message is that children should be allowed to see and share our grief at death, and should have the privilege of expressing their own grief in their own way and at their own time. This sincere, sensitive, and supportive book can help many a family through its hardest time."

Arranging for a Service

The memorial service is a witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Resurrection is an important doctrine of the Christian Faith and therefore the service should be done in the context of worship An emphasis on the reading of Scriptures declares our hope of the resurrection. Singing of songs and hymns adds to the worship and should provide comfort and point to the hope we have in Jesus Christ.


  • Contact the Pastor and the Office Administrator to arrange the date and time of the service.

  • All additional arrangements for services to be held at the church should be made through the Office Administrator

  • A pastor is happy to guide you in making decisions about Scripture readings and musical selections for the service. Family members and friends may share their personal memories during the service or at the gravesite. 

Services Held at the Church

  • It is expected that a pastor of this church will preside at the service. Requests for other arrangements must be made through the pastor, who may extend an invitation to another clergy participant.

  • The sanctuary can accommodate over 300 guests.

  • A private room for the family may be provided.

  • During services at the church, the casket is closed. Viewing of the body prior to the service may be arranged through the church office and will be done in Hassler Chapel.

Order for a Service of the Witness to the Resurrection

The Order of Service is arranged with the Pastor. It will usually consist of the following:


  • Prelude

  • Welcome/Call to Worship

  • Invocation/Prayer

  • Congregational Hymn

  • Words of Comfort from the Old Testament

  • Words from family, friends (optional)

  • Special Music (optional)

  • Words of Hope from the New Testament

  • Sermon

  • Prayer

  • Final Hymn

  • Benediction

  • Postlude

  • Announcements regarding memorial gifts, reception following, etc.


Service Arrangement Information


  • Floral arrangements should be in place one hour before the service or calling hours begin.

  • If you wish to leave flowers for distribution to hospitalized or shut-in church members, please let the church office know in advance.



  • Arrangement for the MPC organist are made through the Office Administrator.

  • Organists other than one from MPC must be approved through the church office and the MPC organist.

  • Soloists are expected to provide an original copy of their music to the organist.


Audio Visual Arrangements

  • Audio recording and/or livestreaming of the service must be arranged by request through the church office. Additional fees  required.


Memorial Receptions

  • Dale Hall may be arranged for the use of a reception through the Office Administrator.

  • Members

    • The Church family will provide assistance with food for a reception whenever possible.

    • Specific desires of the family may be coordinated with the church, recognizing there may be a need to share the expenses of such requests.

  • Non-members

    • Non-members will be charged a rental fee.

    • The family will need to make arrangements at its own expense for catering and other reception needs.

    • All arrangements should be clearly communicated to the Office Administrator at least 24 hours prior to the funeral.

Additional Policies

  • The Facilities Manager must be present for any required set up, clean up, and for operation of the sound system.

  • Families may arrange with the Church Administrator for the scattering of a loved one’s ashes in the Winfrey Memorial Garden.

  • Payment of fees should be given to the church office 24 hours prior to the service.


Please speak with the Office Administrator regarding fees and use of church. The Pastor, in consultation with the Church Business Administrator, may adjust the fees in consideration of particular family needs or expectations. Only cash or checks will be accepted, sorry no credit cards. 

Use of Sanctuary

Member: $0

Non-Member: $350


(Scott MacDonald)

Member-Service (with or without viewing):$200

Reception: $200

Non-Member - Service (with or without viewing): $400

Reception: $250

Live Streaming Services

Member: Up to $500

Non-Member: Up to $500

Organist-Contact office for names of recommended musicians

Member: Negotiable minimum $250

Non-Member: Negotiable minimum $250

Pastoral Services

Member: $300

Non-Member: $500

Church Office Administrator

Member: $0

Non-Member: $200

Dale Hall Rental for Reception

Members: $0   

Non-Member: $500

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