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Lenten Loaves of Love


Compassion for Life began when a few dedicated Christ-followers from various backgrounds in ministry and missions came together with a passion to spread the Gospel.  The organization supports the Cheerful Givers School, provides water filters to supply clean water to households, provides vocational programs, and has built marketplaces in various communities.  CFL focuses on offering a hand-up and not just a handout.  They look forward to finding new ways to build relationships in the villages of Liberia.  Bill Strine, an MPC member, is Chairman of the non-profit; he is in daily communication with program staff in Liberia and has traveled there many times.  


FOUNDED IN 1995, Caring Hands helps support several ministries and programs. Our missionary partners are involved in:

Homes for Children - Children ranging from age 5 to 19 are raised in homes that provide these needy, underprivileged children with a safe, loving, Christian environment. They are raised in these homes until they graduate from high school.

Share and Care Project - Nearly 3,000 children participate in this after-school program at one of 42 Caring Hands Centers. The staff at the centers assist the children with their school projects, teach them Bible stories and songs, and engage with them in sports activities.

HIV/AIDS Ministry - Caring Hands offers counseling and food rations to temple prostitutes and their children who are suffering from HIV/AIDS on the condition that the women stop engaging in prostitution and thus help stop the spread of HIV

Camps and Training - Caring Hands holds retreats for women, families, and children on a regular basis.  Through various activities and workshops, they learn the love of God and subjects such as personal hygiene and nutrition. Valuable lessons in making clothes are held at a Tailoring Center. 



In this ministry, our missionaries provide the following:

Child Care Centers - in these centers, children learn Bible verses and the staff holds worship centers each Sunday

Medical - staff periodically teach classes on proper child care as well as good health and hygiene practices.  Medicines are provided to those in need.

Sewing Classes - Sewing classes are conducted on a regular basis for women and girls. Learning sewing skills enables these women and girls to make clothes for their own families and provides an opportunity to earn income and become self-sufficient.

Prison Ministry - Both men’s and women's prisoners are visited on a regular basis.

Bundeli Bible Translation - A team is translating the Bible into the Bundeli language. When completed, this effort will enable some 46 million people to read the Bible in their own language.

Conferences - conferences are held focusing on discipleship, evangelism, and church planting for village church leaders on a regular basis.



Compassion Corps is a coalition of concern, intent on alleviating suffering and advancing development in northern Africa through strategic partnerships with indigenous leaders who are already working and doing much good among their own people. Compassion Corps is currently partnering with local workers in Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Liberia, Tunisia, Egypt, and Uganda. The Corps finds that the short-term trip approach allows them to build up, resource, and encourage those leaders who are running their own ministries of compassion. During their trips, they strive to facilitate economic development and empower communities to improve their own circumstances through projects including educational initiatives, medical and construction work, training for women, children, and youth activities, clean water projects, and more.

Compassion Corps was co-founded around 2004 by Delaware County resident Beth McMillen. Its headquarters is in Chester Heights, PA. Many members of MPC have served on short-term trips and are also part of the Compassion Corps volunteer staff and board of directors.


ConeXion Mosaico is a Christian organization of believers who are passionate about living out God's Kingdom values of love, hope, and transformation in the heart of urban poverty. In 2006 leaders Jean-Luc and Shabrae Krieg moved to the slum community of Chimalhuacan in Mexico City to start their holistic ministry. Jean-Luc and Shabrae have visited Media and MPC members have served on a short-term team in Chimalhuacan.



Cru is the new name for the US branch of Campus Crusade for Christ International. Paul and Lori Dickason, members of MPC, have been serving with Cru in Hungary for many years. Lori is the middle school principal at the International Christian School of Budapest. Paul is a teacher, preacher, evangelist, and disciple-maker both in Cru and in two new churches in Hungary.



Home for Boys - our missionary partners and their staff, maintain a home, in their own house, for some 40 boys ranging in age from 4 to 19 years old. These boys, whose parents are either deceased or unable to raise them, are cared for until they graduate from high school.  Financial support from our church helps pay for the boys' food, clothing, health needs, tuition, and school supplies as well as all the costs related to maintaining their home. Individuals and families in our church provide additional necessary funds for sponsoring boys at a cost of $50 per month per boy.

Planting Churches - Several churches (7) have been successfully planted with 3 of these churches headed by men who had been raised by our partners.

Evangelism - periodic travel is made to share the gospel, meet with church leaders and preach in various churches.


Wells for Relief International and MPC has recently partnered with Africa's HOPE in building St. Michael's Children's Hospital near Berekum, Ghana. Many MPC members have accompanied Dave on short-term trips for hospital construction work; recently a team including medical personnel helped dedicate the Ann Bates Memorial Section of the building (the late Dr. Bates was an MPC member). Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Esther Yeboah-Awusi are the founders of Africa’s HOPE, Inc. (USA) and AfriHOPE Missions (Ghana).



Wells for Relief International, Inc is a non-profit corporation with a mission to alleviate the suffering of people around the world caused by inadequate and unsafe water supplies. It was co-founded by Mark Mills and David Powell in 2004 in an effort to use the skills and resources that God has given them to help alleviate the suffering and death caused by unsafe drinking water. Its current focus is in Ghana, West Africa. Dave is a member of Media Presbyterian Church and many MPC members have accompanied him on short-term trips to work on water projects in Ghana and Morocco. Watch the videos below to find out more information.

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