2021 Nominations


In keeping with Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians 12 that the Church is the “body of Christ,” with each member contributing to its overall functioning and health; Media Presbyterian annually selects members of its congregation for the roles of elder and deacon. We are in the process of evaluating possible candidates who would carry out the responsibilities and duties associated with the office as put forth in the Book of Order G-2.03 page 27. (see attached page.)  We welcome your suggestions and ask that you prayerfully nominate individuals who you believe would make meaningful contributions in the roles of Elder or Deacon. Please complete the following form to submit a nomination.  If you prefer to submit a paper copy, you may find one here. Please return the paper copy to the church office or email it to Amanda@mediapresbyterian.org.

Leadership Nominations

Thank you, for your participation in this critical process!