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2013 Feb/March Newsletter - LENTEN PASSAGES

When I first arrived at MPC in January of 2008, it was my intention to stay for a couple years and then move back into the world of cross-cultural missions. It has been five years now, a reflection of my love and respect for you all, as well as a renewed faith, especially that God loves the world through His church.

2012 Advent Newsletter


Congregational Meeting

Sunday, 11/11, 11:00am

CONNECTING and SERVING GOD AND COMMUNITY at MPC ~ Whether you're a member, friend or visitor at MPC, these informative flyers...

Whether you're a member, friend or visitor of MPC, these informative flyers will show you how you can CONNECT and how to SERVE GOD AND COMMUNITY alongside our congregation.

Back To Church Sunday!

Sunday, 9/16 (All day)
Dale Hall,Sanctuary

MPC's July/August 2012 "Passages" Newsletter

In the tempestuous ocean of time and toil there are islands of stillness where man may enter a harbor and reclaim his dignity. The island is the seventh day, the Sabbath, a day of detachment from things, instruments, and practical affairs as well as of attachment to the spirit.      Abraham Heschel

I mentioned the above quote in my sermon “God is One” (6/17/12). There are times for extremes and extreme times that require kinetic responses.  But, generally, I think that the well-lived life needs to be one of proportionality. 

MPC's May/June Newsletter, "PASSAGES", is now available.

WHO WE ARE... The last weekend in April was one of those unintentional convergences of  everything that I love about Media and a reminder of what the Church can be.  On Saturday, we had over twenty people working on renovations on a woman’s house who needed some things to start going right in her life. 

Easter Vigil

Saturday, 4/7, 8:00pm
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