Partners in Prayer

Wednesday, 3/15, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/22, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/29, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 4/5, 7:00pm

Prayer Meeting

Sunday, 7/3, 9:00am
Sunday, 7/10, 9:00am
Sunday, 7/17, 9:00am
Sunday, 7/24, 9:00am
Sunday, 7/31, 9:00am
Sunday, 8/7, 9:00am
Sunday, 8/14, 9:00am
Sunday, 8/21, 9:00am
Sunday, 8/28, 9:00am
Prayer Room

Power of Prayer

Wednesday, 4/20, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 4/27, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 5/4, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 5/11, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 5/18, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 5/25, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 6/1, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 6/8, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 6/15, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 6/22, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 6/29, 7:00pm

"And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God with boldness."   Acts 4:31
Do you REALLY know the power of prayer?
Are you willing to see and be a part of the transformation of our church, our community, our city, our country and the whole world?


Prayer Group

Wednesday, 1/20, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 1/27, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 2/3, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 2/17, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 2/24, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 3/2, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 3/9, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 3/16, 5:30pm
Prayer Room

Prayer Group

Sunday, 5/5, 11:00am
Sunday, 6/2, 11:00am
Sunday, 7/7, 11:00am
Sunday, 8/4, 11:00am
Sunday, 9/1, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/6, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/3, 11:00am
Sunday, 12/1, 11:00am
Room 103

Prayer Group

Media Presbyterian Church has a Prayer Group which meets on the first Sunday of every month.  We gather for a time of prayer for the life of the church.  This is also an opportunity for anyone seeking prayer for individual concerns.  We will meet TODAY at 11:00 a.m. in Room 103.  Everyone is welcome!  


Service of Evening Prayer

Wednesday, 9/19, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 9/26, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 10/3, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 10/10, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 10/17, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 10/24, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 10/31, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 11/7, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 11/14, 8:00pm

A time of silence, liturgical and spontaneous prayer.

Wednesdays 8pm ~ Sanctuary

Child care available

Lectio Devina

Wednesday, 2/20, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 2/27, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 3/6, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 3/13, 8:00pm
Room 103
Prayer, Service

Lectio Devina

Wednesday, 1/9, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 1/16, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 1/23, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 1/30, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 2/6, 8:00pm
Room 103

Service of Daily Prayer


Service of Evening Prayer, Sanctuary

          A combination of silence, liturgical and spontaneous prayer.

Prayer, Service

Centering Prayer/Lectio Devina

Wednesday, 7/7, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 7/14, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 7/21, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 7/28, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 8/4, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 8/11, 8:00pm
Wednesday, 8/18, 8:00pm
Room 103
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