Jean-Luc Krieg Urban Mosaic presentation

Monday, 10/3, 7:00pm
Room 102
Mexico, Missions

Mozambique 1

Banner Elk 2016

Sunday, 7/24 (All day)
Monday, 7/25 (All day)
Tuesday, 7/26 (All day)
Wednesday, 7/27 (All day)
Thursday, 7/28 (All day)
Friday, 7/29 (All day)
Saturday, 7/30 (All day)
off premises

Missions Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 3/1, 7:00pm
Tuesday, 4/5, 7:00pm
Tuesday, 5/3, 7:00pm
Tuesday, 6/7, 7:00pm
Tuesday, 7/5, 7:00pm
Room 102

Missions at MPC

Sunday, 4/3, 9:15am
Sunday, 4/10, 9:15am
Sunday, 4/17, 9:15am
Sunday, 4/24, 9:15am
Sunday, 5/1, 9:15am
Room 102

Beginning April 3 at 9:15 a.m.: Join us in Room 102 for weekly presentations from local and international missionaries. April 3: Cityteam; April 10: Compassion Corps; April 17: Chester Eastside; April 24: Frederick Douglass Christian School; May 1: Interserve.


2015 All-Church Mission Trip to Banner Elk, NC

Sunday, 7/26 (All day)
Monday, 7/27 (All day)
Tuesday, 7/28 (All day)
Wednesday, 7/29 (All day)
Thursday, 7/30 (All day)
Friday, 7/31 (All day)
Saturday, 8/1 (All day)
Banner Elk, NC

We are excited to be doing God’s work again this summer in the vicinity of Banner Elk, NC.

Our goal has always been the same, to heed the call of God and to tangibly bethe body of Christ. We’re excited for another year of hard work, summer heat, long days, and lots of laughter and fun.


Are We There Yet?


All Good Things…

We’re about to celebrate the eleventh week in our series of Summer Sundays at MPC. That means there’s only one Sunday remaining in our “12-Week Family Reunion”! After Labor Day, the first Sunday in September (9/7) marks our return to three services at 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

MPC This Week - WEEK TEN

We hope you’re enjoying MPC This Week, a forum for topics and ideas affecting the life of our congregation. Each weekly installment includes some thoughts from one of our church leaders and a brief summary of upcoming events. Easy "one-click links" will take you to information, registration forms, etc. on our website. You can help us communicate more effectively by encouraging friends and family to provide their email addresses.

Missions Committee Meeting

Thursday, 12/4, 7:00pm
Room 102
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