High School

High School Praise Team rehearsal

Sunday, 9/14, 6:30pm
Sunday, 9/28, 6:30pm
Sunday, 10/5, 6:30pm
Sunday, 10/12, 6:30pm
Sunday, 10/19, 6:30pm
Sunday, 10/26, 6:30pm
Sunday, 11/2, 6:30pm
Sunday, 11/9, 6:30pm
Sunday, 11/16, 6:30pm
Sunday, 11/23, 6:30pm
Sunday, 11/30, 6:30pm
Sunday, 12/7, 6:30pm
Sunday, 12/14, 6:30pm
Sunday, 12/21, 6:30pm
Sunday, 12/28, 6:30pm
Sunday, 1/4, 6:30pm
Sunday, 1/11, 6:30pm
Sunday, 1/18, 6:30pm
Sunday, 1/25, 6:30pm
Sunday, 2/1, 6:30pm
Sunday, 2/8, 6:30pm
Sunday, 2/15, 6:30pm
Sunday, 2/22, 6:30pm
Sunday, 3/1, 6:30pm
Sunday, 3/8, 6:30pm
Sunday, 3/15, 6:30pm
Sunday, 3/22, 6:30pm
Sunday, 3/29, 6:30pm
Sunday, 4/5, 6:30pm
Sunday, 4/12, 6:30pm
Sunday, 4/19, 6:30pm
Sunday, 4/26, 6:30pm
Sunday, 5/3, 6:30pm
Sunday, 5/10, 6:30pm
Sunday, 5/17, 6:30pm
Sunday, 5/24, 6:30pm
Sunday, 5/31, 6:30pm
Sunday, 6/7, 6:30pm

High School and Middle School Praise Teams

High School Sunday School

Sunday, 9/14, 11:00am
Sunday, 9/21, 11:00am
Sunday, 9/28, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/5, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/12, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/19, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/26, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/2, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/9, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/16, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/23, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/30, 11:00am
Sunday, 12/7, 11:00am
Sunday, 12/14, 11:00am
Sunday, 12/21, 11:00am
Sunday, 12/28, 11:00am
Sunday, 1/4, 11:00am
Sunday, 1/11, 11:00am
Sunday, 1/18, 11:00am
Sunday, 1/25, 11:00am
Sunday, 2/1, 11:00am
Sunday, 2/8, 11:00am
Sunday, 2/15, 11:00am
Sunday, 2/22, 11:00am
Sunday, 3/1, 11:00am
Sunday, 3/8, 11:00am
Sunday, 3/15, 11:00am
Sunday, 3/22, 11:00am
Sunday, 3/29, 11:00am
Sunday, 4/5, 11:00am
Sunday, 4/12, 11:00am
Sunday, 4/19, 11:00am
Sunday, 4/26, 11:00am
Sunday, 5/3, 11:00am
Sunday, 5/10, 11:00am
Sunday, 5/17, 11:00am
Sunday, 5/24, 11:00am
Sunday, 5/31, 11:00am
Sunday, 6/7, 11:00am
Youth Room


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All Good Things…

We’re about to celebrate the eleventh week in our series of Summer Sundays at MPC. That means there’s only one Sunday remaining in our “12-Week Family Reunion”! After Labor Day, the first Sunday in September (9/7) marks our return to three services at 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

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We hope you’re enjoying MPC This Week, a forum for topics and ideas affecting the life of our congregation. Each weekly installment includes some thoughts from one of our church leaders and a brief summary of upcoming events. Easy "one-click links" will take you to information, registration forms, etc. on our website. You can help us communicate more effectively by encouraging friends and family to provide their email addresses.

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November/December Newsletter

We are approaching Thanksgiving rapidly with Christmas within sight.  For most of America that means a time of high stress, lots of family gatherings with lots of food, cards, shopping, gifts, etc.  Churches and church members get caught in the same rush of activity with caroling, pageants, lunches, brunches, dinners and holiday festivities. 

2013 September/October Newsletter

Frederick Buechner ends the Introduction to his book, Telling Secrets, with these lines, ‘It is important to tell at least from time to time the secret of who we truly and fully are…because otherwise we run the risk of losing track of who we truly and fully are and little by little come to accept instead the highly edited version which we put forth in hope that the world will find it more acceptable than the real thing...

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