Adult Education

Book of Luke

Wednesday, 9/21, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 9/28, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 10/5, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 10/12, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 10/19, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 10/26, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 11/2, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 11/9, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 11/16, 7:00pm
Room 102


Sunday, 9/11, 11:00am
Sunday, 9/18, 11:00am
Sunday, 9/25, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/2, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/9, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/16, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/23, 11:00am
Sunday, 10/30, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/6, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/13, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/20, 11:00am
Sunday, 11/27, 11:00am
Sunday, 12/4, 11:00am
Sunday, 12/11, 11:00am
Room 102

A challenging study that helps Christians better understand what it means to walk as Jesus did. Learn why mirroring the characteristics of Jesus should be the normal pattern of life for us.  Learn of 14 character traits Jesus demonstrated in his own life and how we can emulate Him. 

Adult Class: DANIEL

Sunday, 9/11, 9:30am
Sunday, 9/18, 9:30am
Sunday, 9/25, 9:30am
Sunday, 10/2, 9:30am
Sunday, 10/9, 9:30am
Sunday, 10/16, 9:30am
Sunday, 10/23, 9:30am
Sunday, 10/30, 9:30am
Sunday, 11/6, 9:30am
Sunday, 11/13, 9:30am
Sunday, 11/20, 9:30am
Sunday, 11/27, 9:30am
Sunday, 12/4, 9:30am
Sunday, 12/11, 9:30am
Room 102

A 13-week study of the supernatural, weird and inspirational Book of Daniel. Daniel lived in tumultuous and uncertain times, under oppressive leaders, yet he remained confident in God's love and presence.  How can Daniel's life, example and prophesies instruct us on how to live today?

Adult Class: #STRUGGLES

Wednesday, 1/27, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/3, 7:00pm
Room 102


As you scroll through your day, does it feel like everyone else has it all together? Someone always has the best job, cutest kid, or happiest relationship. We're pressured to measure up to other people's status updates and left with more #struggles.  Join us in Room 102.

"Have the Funeral: God's Plan for Your Past"

Wednesday, 2/11, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/25, 7:00pm

February 11 & 25 : "Have the Funeral: God's Plan for Your Past", "This study explores the process of forgiveness - from the Biblical definition all the way to the official burial of our unforgiveness and life thereafter." Author and pastor James MacDonald "explores the nuances of forgiveness, common rationalizations of unforgiveness, and the fallout of failing or refusing to forgive."

The Bible and Sexuality

Wednesday, 1/14, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 1/21, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 1/28, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/4, 7:00pm
Hassler Chapel


Wednesday, 1/14, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 1/21, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 1/28, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/4, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/11, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/25, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/4, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/11, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/18, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/25, 7:00pm
Room 102

Summer Lunchtime Bible Study, "What is the Kingdom"

Tuesday, 7/3, 12:00pm
Tuesday, 7/10, 12:00pm
Tuesday, 7/17, 12:00pm
Tuesday, 7/31, 12:00pm
Tuesday, 8/7, 12:00pm
Room 103

Women's Bible Study (child care provided)

Thursday, 9/15, 10:00am
Thursday, 9/22, 10:00am
Thursday, 9/29, 10:00am
Thursday, 10/6, 10:00am
Thursday, 10/13, 10:00am
Thursday, 10/20, 10:00am
Thursday, 10/27, 10:00am
Thursday, 11/3, 10:00am
Thursday, 11/10, 10:00am
Thursday, 11/17, 10:00am
Thursday, 1/12, 10:00am
Thursday, 1/19, 10:00am
Thursday, 1/26, 10:00am
Thursday, 2/2, 10:00am
Thursday, 2/9, 10:00am
Thursday, 2/16, 10:00am
Thursday, 2/23, 10:00am
Thursday, 3/1, 10:00am
Thursday, 3/8, 10:00am
Thursday, 3/15, 10:00am
Thursday, 4/12, 10:00am
Thursday, 4/19, 10:00am
Thursday, 4/26, 10:00am
Thursday, 5/3, 10:00am
Thursday, 5/10, 10:00am
Thursday, 5/17, 10:00am
Thursday, 5/24, 10:00am
Thursday, 5/31, 10:00am
Thursday, 6/7, 10:00am
Thursday, 6/21, 10:00am
Thursday, 6/28, 10:00am
Thursday, 7/5, 10:00am
Thursday, 7/12, 10:00am
Thursday, 7/19, 10:00am
Thursday, 7/26, 10:00am
Thursday, 8/2, 10:00am
Thursday, 8/9, 10:00am
Thursday, 8/23, 10:00am
Thursday, 8/30, 10:00am
Room 102

The Letter to the Hebrews.   Reverend Nikki Passante.

You are welcome to come at any time. Child Care Provided.

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