Media Food Bank

Donations of non-perishables are always welcome for the Media Food Bank. The Food Bank is located at 350 W. State Street (First United Methodist Church). It serves families in need every Thursday from 7-8 p.m. and the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month 10-11 a.m. 75-100 families are served each week! We are always in need of items that food stamps don't cover: diapers, dish & clothing detergent, feminine products, toothpaste, cereal, dry dog & cat food, and much more! There’s a bin in MPC’s kitchen - on the counter between the refrigerators and the sink - for donations.
How can I help with Food Bank Service?
The Media Food Bank serves the needs of many families in our community by opening its pantry on Thursdays and Saturdays. As a church family, we support the Food Bank together on the fourth Saturday of every month. Join us when you are available for the joy of serving and the fun of doing it together! Even when you don't have the chance to serve on Saturday, you can support this mission by giving gifts to those who will truly appreciate a box of cereal, toilet paper, or hygiene products. Look for our monthly theme to help MPC show our love for our neighbors in a unique way to meet a current need! See Holly Gaffney for more information.
How can I help with Produce Junction Runs?
The Deacons have the blessing of being able to provide fresh produce for the patrons of the Media Food Bank. You can help on a Thursday afternoon by purchasing the food at the Produce Junction and delivering it to the Media Food bank by 6pm. To help in this mission we need volunteers with the ablility to drive and who can purchase food with their funds (and be reimbursed). See Dale Bellville for more information.
How can I help with Cooking, Baking, and Leftovers?
A meaningful way to help those going through a major life event, such as a birth, surgery, or loss of life, is to provide care through food. Deacons help to fill this need in our church by providing precooked frozen meals and serving bereavement needs in the church. Can you help serve refreshments at a memorial service, bake desserts, cook a meal, or share excess leftovers? This is a great way for those who love to work in the kitchen to share their gifts with the church family! See Holly Gaffney for more information.