Room 102

Lenten Series: Cotton Patch Rebel

Wednesday, 2/17, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/24, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/2, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/9, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 3/16, 7:00pm
Room 102

Cotton Patch Rebel: A Lenten Study Inspired by the Life of Clarence Jordan

Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Led by Rev. Dr. Bill Hess

Participants are asked to read the recently published book,  Cotton Patch Rebel: The Story of Clarence Jordan, by Ann M. Trousdale.

Staff Meeting

Tuesday, 2/16, 1:30pm
Room 102

Adult Class: #STRUGGLES

Wednesday, 1/27, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 2/3, 7:00pm
Room 102


As you scroll through your day, does it feel like everyone else has it all together? Someone always has the best job, cutest kid, or happiest relationship. We're pressured to measure up to other people's status updates and left with more #struggles.  Join us in Room 102.

Mission Partners Class

Sunday, 4/3, 9:15am
Sunday, 4/10, 9:15am
Sunday, 4/17, 9:15am
Sunday, 4/24, 9:15am
Sunday, 5/1, 9:15am
Room 102

Parenting Class

Sunday, 5/8, 9:15am
Sunday, 5/15, 9:15am
Sunday, 5/22, 9:15am
Sunday, 5/29, 9:15am
Sunday, 6/5, 9:15am
Sunday, 6/12, 9:15am
Room 102

Taught by Louise Naismith and Rachel Cavicchia

Adult Ed: Overview of World Religions

Wednesday, 1/6, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 1/13, 7:00pm
Wednesday, 1/20, 7:00pm
Room 102


Tuesday, 2/2, 7:00pm
Monday, 2/8, 7:00pm
Monday, 2/15, 7:00pm
Monday, 2/22, 7:00pm
Monday, 2/29, 7:00pm
Room 102


Monday, 1/11, 7:00pm
Monday, 1/18, 7:00pm
Monday, 1/25, 7:00pm
Room 102


Tuesday, 1/5, 7:00pm
Room 102


Monday, 12/7, 7:00pm
Monday, 12/14, 7:00pm
Monday, 12/21, 7:00pm
Room 102
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