Room 102

Member Care Committee Meeting

Thursday, 4/24, 7:00pm
Room 102


Tuesday, 4/1, 7:00pm
Room 102

Admin. Committee with Staff

Thursday, 3/27, 7:00pm
Room 102

Special Program: Tweens and Teens Faith Journey

Sunday, 3/23, 6:00pm
Room 102

Understanding Your Tween or Teen

MPC's own Steve Cavicchia will help parents of middle and high school age youth understand their child's developmental stages and the challenges they face. Recognizing these stages of development is critical In light of our desire to have our children embark on their own faith walk. Steve will also integrate research on parenting styles and how they impact our children's development and acceptance or rejection of parental values.

When: Sunday, March 23 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Ghana Hospital Update Presentation

Sunday, 3/30, 11:15am
Room 102

AGO Meeting

Saturday, 2/15, 7:00pm
Room 102

Staff Meeting

Tuesday, 2/4, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 3/4, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 4/1, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 5/6, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 6/3, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 7/1, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 8/5, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 9/2, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 10/7, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 11/4, 1:30pm
Tuesday, 12/2, 1:30pm
Room 102

Deacons--rescheduled meeting

Tuesday, 1/28, 7:00pm
Room 102
Deacons, Meeting

Finance Committee Meeting

Monday, 2/10, 7:00pm
Monday, 3/3, 7:00pm
Monday, 4/7, 7:00pm
Monday, 5/5, 7:00pm
Monday, 6/2, 7:00pm
Room 102

Mission Committee

Thursday, 3/6, 7:00pm
Thursday, 4/3, 7:00pm
Room 102
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