Room 102


Tuesday, 10/21, 7:00pm
Room 102

First Aid

Sunday, 10/5, 5:00pm
Room 102
December 31, 1969

Journey through the Bible

  • Weekly
    on Wednesdays
    at 7:00pm
    Room 102

    A class for Youth and Adults, this is a new program being introduced with a renewed commitment to Christian Education. This curriculum will present foundational teaching that every Christian should know. Are you someone who seeks to learn more about God, Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith?  Join us for our autumn course, "Journey through The Bible."

Children's Committee Meeting

Sunday, 10/12, 12:15pm
Room 102

Noah Team Meeting

Wednesday, 9/3, 7:00pm
Room 102
Noah, Noah Team

2015 Vacation Bible School

Monday, 8/10, 6:00pm
Tuesday, 8/11, 6:00pm
Wednesday, 8/12, 6:00pm
Thursday, 8/13, 6:00pm
Friday, 8/14, 6:00pm

Next summer, VBS will be August 10th - 14th, 2015.

Please leave these dates open so your child(ren) can participate in this fun week filled with Bible stories, worship, crafts, and games!

Noah Team Mtg

Wednesday, 8/27, 7:00pm
Room 102

Noah Team Mtg

Monday, 8/25, 7:00pm
Room 102

Noah Team Mtg

Thursday, 8/21, 7:00pm
Room 102

Noah Team Appreciative Inquiry

Wednesday, 8/20, 7:00pm
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