Current Trends: Aging & Forgetting

Thursday, 11/30, 3:00pm

Please join us for a great discussion with Dr. Cherian Verghese, Medical Director at Keystone Clinical Studies and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Temple University for a new partnership as he walks with us through topics such as:

- What is a 'Senior Moment?'
- What is Mild Cognituve Impairment?
- Can MCI be seen as pre-Alzheimer's Disease?
- Can MCI be prevented or treated?
- How do we manage and treat Alzheimer's Disease?

You will learn more about Alzheimer's Disease and have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in memory screenings. You will also hear about groundbreaking drug research trials and learn more about becoming a participant. Dr. Verghese will be joining us twice a year to partner with us on this journey. This event is free and open to the public. Caretakers of those coping with memory decline are urged to attend. Contac Pastor Nikki Passante for any questions.