Session Highlights for April 2017

  • Elders discussed how our congregation extended itself beyond its bounds through the establishment of new communities of worship and discipleship, expanding the Kingdom of God.
  • The Confirmation Class was examined and Session voted to receive the following as members of MPC:  Ann Bedell Crockett, Hope Kathleen Graham, John Patrick Hirt, Megan Elizabeth Little, Robert Michael McDonnell, Colleen Marie Meehan, Nicole Louise Torrillo, Jake Robert Van Heldorf, Owen Anthony Vlaminck, Stephanie Meagan Catherine Ayean Walker.  The Confirmation Class was recognized and welcomed by the congregation on April 23rd.
  • Session approved one service for summer, Memorial Day through Labor Day, at 10:00 a.m., preceded by hymn sing at 9:30 a.m.
  • Session approved a Youth Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser on June 4, 2017 to help with van rental for Banner Elk.
  • A Special Session Meeting for May 23, 2017 was approved to examine the New Member Class.
  • On the recommendation of the Mission Committee, Session approved two work days in Chester, May 13th and 20th, to help with renovations to a house purchased by World Impact.
  • A letter offering support will be sent to Memorial Presbyterian Church who recently had a fire.
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