Daily Devotions for Lent 2013

DAY 29

Monday, March 18, 2013

Submitted by Steve Beckley, Deacon


Lord, help us to be of open and clean mind and to be unattached and vulnerable to Your will. Give us meditative thoughts to help us to be this way. Take us to a place where we will have Your hope and not our own.

Scripture: Jeremiah 24: 1-10

Today’s Devotion: 

In the passage, the people of Judah still in their land are the ones God rejects because of their unclean or sinful acts and their turning away from Him. They are the ones who have the hope of human systems and are grounded in their own righteousness. The other group, the exiled ones, no longer have their land, country, secrets, structures, or other  material things. So they have no human hope. Their only hope is in God. When all human hope is gone, then God can be God.

When all earthly distractions and constructs are removed, we are like these exiled people. There are times when we literally feel exiled -- when we move to a new town for a new job or start classes at a new school. When everything is unfamiliar, there is room for anything, and God wants to be in that space.

God provides opportunities for us to begin again at any time in our lives as people of God.  When our earthly hope is gone, when possibilities become impossibilities, then God can be God. As “exiles” or “good figs” we can be blank slates, but we tend to ground ourselves in our   human-created security systems in an attempt to become invulnerable.  It can be a scary thought to let go of these things, habits and ideas, even figuratively, let alone literally as in Jeremiah. What are some things that keep you from being an exile from human hope, and vulnerable to God?