Daily Devotions for Lent 2013

DAY 15

Friday, March 1, 2013

Submitted by Andrew Kalemkarian, Deacon

Scripture:  Psalm 148

Today’s Devotion:

Praise is about recognizing who God is and what He has done.  He  commanded and the universe was created.  His majesty is above all created things.

What if each time we pondered the complexity of the universe or the beauty of a sunrise or the smile of a newborn child, we gave praise to God and pondered that He is infinitely more complex than the universe and infinitely more glorious and beautiful than a sunrise and infinitely more worthy of adoration than a baby?

Only His name is worthy of praise.  Only He is the most high, exalted one.


Lord, give us a bigger vision of who You are; that we would ascribe to You your mighty works and attributes; that we would not just thank You for what You have given us but also thank and praise You for just being You—Lord of all creation, almighty, most high God!