Daily Devotions for Lent 2013


This is our second annual Lenten Devotional.  Last year’s booklet proved to be a great blessing for both those who contributed and for those who used it as a guide in preparation for Holy Week and Easter.  Once again, we thank all who shared and the Spiritual Formation Committee for its work at recruitment and compiling all the offerings that follow.

The original designation for Lent was Quadragesima which means forty or, literally, the fortieth day.  It begins with ashes contemplating our mortality and ends with an empty tomb and the promise of immortality.   In many ways, there is something of the Cross and the Resurrection in every day.  Lent allows us to reflect on all that it means for us to belong to Christ and to grow in the process of what it means to have Christ belong to us.  To take up your cross and follow is, in essence, taking up your true self and living.  This devotional allows us to hear Christ in the shared journey of our brothers and sisters.  I wish you traveling mercies for these forty days.


Reverend Bill Borror
Senior Pastor