Employment Opportunity: Director of Contemporary Music / Worship Leader


Media Presbyterian Church is seeking a Director of Contemporary Music/Worship Leader to draw in the Holy Spirit during our Sunday services. The 20hr/week position will work with our worship team on a weekly basis to select music, lead rehearsals, and participate in worship on Sundays.

Our Contemporary Praise & Worship Team views music as a ministry and service to the congregation by guiding and leading them in Spirit-filled worship while discipling each other to grow in their faith as well as in their musical gifting. It is important that the Director of Contemporary Music/Worship Leader understands that they have a significant position that will connect our church with the Holy Spirit, draw us all closer to God, and allow us to feel his presence while we sing His praises and worship Him.

It is desired that applicants have evidence of strong musical skills as a vocalist and ideally plays an instrument (keyboard and/or guitar preferred).

Essential To The Position:

  1. Embraces music as ministry in a spiritually mature manner, seeking to serve in cooperation with other staff members and the Holy Spirit in the building up of the church

  2. Possesses knowledge of and performance experience with contemporary worship music

  3. Aims to lead the Worship Team and congregation in worship and praise that is winsome, edifying, instructive, and glorifying to God under the guidance of the Senior Pastor

  4. Can orchestrate music for instruments and voice as needed, including solo parts, harmonies and alternate keys, etc. (must be highly proficient at reading music)

  5. Able to conduct rehearsals with musicians of varying skill levels while utilizing and enhancing those skills

  6. Will enthusiastically work with musicians of all ages, including children and youth and involving them in the music program


Specific Duties:

  1. Selects contemporary worship music appropriate for services and special events

  2. Arranges instrumentation/vocals on a weekly basis

  3. Leads rehearsals and insures there is effective communication with Pastors, the Church Office, and Worship Team members

  4. Seeks out additional members for the Worship Team and makes certain there is backup available when key members are absent

  5. Works with children and youth to incorporate them into the worship service

  6. Stays up to date with contemporary worship music


Salary commensurate  with experience. Please apply by submitting a letter of interest and resume to Sandy Mullican, Office administrator.  Sandy mullican smullican@mediapresbyterian.org

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