Lisa VanHeldorf

Choir Director
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Lisa’s life has always been full of music! From an early age she began to sing – first along with her grandmother’s cassette of The Sound of Music to winning state-wide competitions in elementary through High School in her home state, Indiana. Lisa pursued her formal musical training at New England Conservatory in Boston and then attended graduate school at University of Notre Dame.

While at Notre Dame, Lisa fell in love with both liturgy and choral music. She participated in both the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir and the Notre Dame Folk Choir having the opportunity to direct both on occasion of the director’s absence. After graduation, she founded a professional theater company, !Showstoppers! which produced acclaimed musical reviews.

Lisa moved to the New York City area to pursue a career in musical theater, but God had other plans! Instead, she began a career in church music which she has loved and in which she continues to serve gladly. In addition to directing the choir, Lisa is very involved in the pastoral aspect of church music. She views being a choir director as both a facilitator of music but also that of a conduit for spiritual growth within the community of the choir. It is a true vocation! Lisa is particularly fond of Anglican Cathedral-Style choral music and loves the music of John Rutter! She is delighted to join the Media Presbyterian Church family.

Lisa lives in Ambler with her better half, Matthew Todd, and two young sons, Jake and Kelvin. She has four older step-children and loves having a big family!  Lisa is also a music librarian working in the Albrecht Music Library at University of Pennsylvania.